About Us

Global Design & Assembly is a premier Build-to-Print contract manufacturer. With a focus on delivering consistent quality parts and on-time delivery, we take pride in providing reliable and efficient manufacturing solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our dedication to assembly standards and stringent product testing ensures superior performance and customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement

At Global Design & Assembly, our mission is to provide exceptional contract manufacturing solutions that empower businesses to succeed in the global marketplace. We are committed to delivering superior quality, innovative products, and outstanding customer service while fostering strong partnerships with our clients.

Core Competencies

Wire Harness Assembly: We excel in the design and assembly of custom wire harnesses, catering to various industries and applications. Our skilled technicians meticulously create harnesses that meet your exact specifications, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal functionality.

Custom LED Strip Lights: Global Design & Assembly specializes in manufacturing custom LED strip lights that offer exceptional brightness, energy efficiency, and versatility. Our innovative lighting solutions add ambiance and style to any space.

Relay Assembly: We have expertise in relay assembly, ensuring the efficient integration of relays into your electrical systems. Our attention to detail and adherence to quality standards guarantee reliable and durable relay assemblies.

Switches: Global Design & Assembly produces high-quality switches for automotive, industrial, and commercial applications. Our switches are designed to withstand demanding environments while delivering optimal performance and durability.


Advanced Build Management Software: We utilize advanced build management software specifically designed for our company, enhancing our efficiency and ensuring smooth production processes.

Transparent Communication: To keep our customers informed, we provide automated weekly report emails detailing the progress of all existing purchase orders. This transparency enables you to stay updated on your project’s status.

Large Quantity Manufacturer: We specialize in bulk production, capable of handling orders exceeding 500 pieces. Our streamlined processes and efficient manufacturing capabilities enable us to meet high-volume demands without compromising quality.

On-Time Delivery: With a proven track record, we consistently ship over 20,000 parts per month, ensuring on-time delivery and meeting project deadlines.

Proximity to Military Bases: Located in close proximity to military bases, Global Design & Assembly understands the unique requirements of military-grade products and can effectively cater to the specific needs of the defense industry.

At Global Design & Assembly, we are committed to reducing field failures and warranty returns through our rigorous in-house quality control procedures. By prioritizing quality and reliability, we strive to exceed customer expectations and build lasting partnerships.

Experience the excellence of Global Design & Assembly. Contact us today to discuss your manufacturing needs and discover how our expertise can benefit your projects.